The True Heart by Sylvia Townsend Warner 9780241476109

The True Heart


In Sylvia Townsend Warner's enchanting novel 'The True Heart', we follow the journey of 16-year-old orphan Sukey Bond as she is sent to work as a servant on a remote farm, far from the familiar comforts of her youth. Amidst the harsh realities of her new life, Sukey finds solace in the gentle soul of Eric, a man who captures her heart with a love as pure and magical as the fairytale-like quality that underpins this captivating tale. As their bond blossoms against the rural backdrop, the story transports readers into a whimsical realm where dreams and reality intertwine.

Sylvia Townsend Warner was a celebrated English novelist and poet, renowned for her poetic prose and imaginative storytelling. With 'The True Heart', first published in 1929, she crafted a spellbinding narrative that seamlessly weaves elements of historical fiction and magical realism, inviting readers to escape into a world where the extraordinary becomes possible.

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