The Warden by Anthony Trollope 9780141198996

The Warden


The Warden, the first novel in Anthony Trollope's celebrated Chronicles of Barsetshire series, introduces readers to the moral quandaries and intricate social fabric of the fictional cathedral town of Barchester. At the heart of the tale is Septimus Harding, a conscientious clergyman who finds himself embroiled in a controversy over the financial affairs of the almshouse he oversees. As questions arise about the seemingly excessive income he receives, Harding must grapple with his conscience and the weight of public opinion. Trollope's deft storytelling and rich characterizations bring to life the complexities of Victorian society, exploring themes of duty, integrity, and the human cost of adhering to principle.

Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) was one of the most celebrated novelists of Victorian England, renowned for his insightful portrayals of the gentry and clergy. With a keen eye for human nature and a talent for satire, Trollope's works offer a vivid window into the social mores and moral dilemmas of 19th-century Britain. The Warden, published in 1855, established Trollope as a master of the novel form and laid the foundation for his enduring literary legacy.

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