The Way of the Hermit : My 40 years in the Scottish Wilderness by Ken Smith 9781035009824

The Way of the Hermit : My 40 years in the Scottish Wilderness


Imagine living alone for four decades in the rugged Scottish Highlands, miles away from civilization. Ken Smith's incredible memoir, "The Way of the Hermit", takes you on an extraordinary journey into his life as a modern-day recluse. For over 40 years, Smith has called a remote log cabin near Loch Treig his home, embracing a life of solitude and self-sufficiency in one of the UK's most breathtaking wilderness areas. This captivating autobiography chronicles his adventures, challenges, and profound life lessons learned from his unique existence amidst the harsh yet beautiful Highland landscapes.

Ken Smith, now 74, shares his inspiring story with the help of writer Will Millard. From his early life working as a shepherd to his bold decision to retreat from society, Smith's narrative is a testament to human resilience, resourcefulness, and the profound joy that can be found in living simply and in harmony with nature. With vivid descriptions and raw honesty, this memoir offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a man who has mastered the art of self-reliance and found contentment in the solitude of the Scottish wilds.

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