365 Ways to Save the Planet : A Day-by-day Guide to Sustainable Living-9780241609101

365 Ways to Save the Planet : A Day-by-day Guide to Sustainable Living

By: Georgina Wilson-Powell
Binding: Paperback / softback
Step up your sustainability and unlock your full eco potential with 365 easy, trackable changes. What if sustainability didn't have to be so complicated? 365 Ways to Save the Planet cuts through the noise and explains exactly how to live a "greener" lifestyle day by day. With its approachable ideas and achievable daily actions, anyone can up their sustainability score with this book on eco-friendly living. Georgina Wilson-Powell breaks down the significance of environmental statistics for issues big and small, and quantifies the difference low-effort, high-impact changes can make. In her year-long programme, each action is accompanied with a simple "Impact Index" to bring the statistics to life, making it easy to track your progress. Reflect positively on the impact you are having on the environment, across work, home, holiday, and more, for the duration of a full year. Dive into the pages of this superb sustainability book to discover: - Daily actions and reflections focus on different, key sustainability issues to build into your routine. - Pages include inspiring mottos, overarching statistics, and illustrations to create a bold, colourful course for the year. - An impact index accompanies each daily action helping you to measure your footprint and reflect on the difference you can make. This green-living guide presents the facts and suggests changes to readers' lifestyle for every day. If you want to make a difference but don't know where to begin, simply turn the page and start with day one, and learn how to break previous habits and shift your mindset. Being green has never been easier!

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