A Great and Terrible King : Edward I and the Forging of Britain by Marc Morris 9780099481751

A Great and Terrible King : Edward I and the Forging of Britain


Delve into the remarkable life of King Edward I, the indomitable monarch who left an indelible mark on British history. In "A Great and Terrible King," Marc Morris masterfully unveils the complex tapestry of Edward's reign, weaving together the threads of his unwavering character, profound Christian faith, and an unshakable sense of destiny to forge a unified British nation. This captivating historical biography transports readers to the heart of a tumultuous era, where ambition, conquest, and the relentless pursuit of power collided with the ideals of justice and the yearning for unity.

Marc Morris, a renowned historian and captivating storyteller, draws upon a wealth of primary sources to breathe life into the enigmatic figure of Edward I. With meticulous research and a keen eye for detail, Morris unravels the intricate motivations that fueled Edward's relentless campaigns, from his brutal subjugation of Wales to his audacious attempts to conquer Scotland. Yet, beneath the surface of military exploits, Morris unveils a man driven by a profound sense of duty, a steadfast faith, and an unwavering determination to forge a lasting legacy.

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