Aelfred's Britain : War and Peace in the Viking Age by Max Adams 9781789546637

Aelfred's Britain : War and Peace in the Viking Age


In the twilight of the 9th century, the kingdoms of Britain faced a grave threat from Norse invaders. Aelfred's Britain transports you to this pivotal era, where a young Wessex prince named Alfred fought tenaciously to defend his realm against the fearsome Vikings. Max Adams' masterful narrative captures the heroic struggle of Alfred the Great as he rallied the English defences, pioneered revolutionary military tactics, and laid the foundations for a unified kingdom that would shape the future of Britain.

Max Adams is an acclaimed archaeologist and renowned author. With his profound knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon world, he vividly recreates the turbulent Age of Vikings through the lens of Alfred's extraordinary life. This meticulously researched account offers an enthralling glimpse into a time when the fate of Britain hung in the balance, and one man's vision and courage made the difference between conquest and survival.

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