Palaces of Revolution : Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court by Simon Thurley 9780008389994

Palaces of Revolution : Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court


Delve into the opulent world of the Stuart dynasty with "Palaces of Revolution: Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court" by Simon Thurley. This captivating historical account traces the extraordinary reign of the Stuart monarchs, from the union of the English and Scottish crowns under King James I to the eventual downfall of his grandson, James II. Through the lens of their magnificent royal palaces, Thurley unveils the intricate tapestry of power, passion, and artistic patronage that defined this tumultuous era.

Simon Thurley is a renowned architectural historian and the former Chief Executive of English Heritage. With his meticulous research and vivid storytelling, he breathes life into the grand halls and lavish chambers of the Stuart palaces, revealing the intricate web of personal dramas, political machinations, and cultural legacies that unfolded within their walls. From the opulence of Hampton Court to the grandeur of Whitehall, Thurley's masterful narrative transports readers to the heart of the Stuart dynasty, where life, death, and art intertwined in a mesmerizing dance of power and prestige.

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