Walking Home by Simon Armitage 9780571249893

Walking Home


In the summer of 2010, renowned poet Simon Armitage set out on an extraordinary journey - walking the length of the Pennine Way, a 268-mile trail that traverses Britain's remote and rugged landscapes. "Walking Home" is a captivating memoir that chronicles Armitage's poetic pilgrimage, as he shares poetry readings along the route and encounters a rich tapestry of characters, from fellow hikers to local eccentrics. With his keen eye for detail and lyrical prose, Armitage paints a vivid portrait of the trail's breathtaking scenery and the deep sense of connection one can forge with nature when traveling at a walking pace.

Simon Armitage is one of Britain's most acclaimed poets, having published over a dozen poetry collections and received numerous honors, including the prestigious Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. His work is celebrated for its wit, emotional resonance, and deep engagement with the natural world. In "Walking Home," Armitage's poetic sensibilities shine through, offering readers a unique and unforgettable journey that blends travelogue, memoir, and poetic reflection into a captivating whole.

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